Assessment Manager

e The Assessment Manager is the most SETA approved digital portfolio of evidence management and tracking tool. It allows assessors and learners to engage and connect on a centralised, cloud-based workflow tool.

Learners can submit electronic documents, scanned documents, photos and videos. With these kinds of documents being submitted, authenticity is inherently built into the assessment process. Furthermore, the Assessment Manager has 4 levels of additional checks to manage authenticity of the submission of each learner.

What this means is that learners are now submitting their assignments electronically, ultimately building a personal digital portfolio of evidence. There are no printing or courier costs are incurred.  Assessors no longer receive paper-based assessments, which sit in the boots of their car and have the potential to get lost, but rather have the convenience of a digital submission which is ready to be assessed at a time suitable to the Assessor. Assessors are saving up to 25% of total assessment time as a result of the efficiency of the tool.

Feedback on each assignment is immediate and personal, thus supporting each learner through their assessment process. As a result more learners are achieving competence in their desired qualification and achieving better results doing so.

Administrators of qualifications or learnerships have real-time reporting on the progress of the learners through the qualification. All these reports are exportable into excel to manipulate into any desired format for external reporting purposes. Furthermore, the Assessment Manager can be integrated into Learner Management Systems to capture final results.

Desktop moderation by both internal and external moderators is possible. What’s more, internal moderators can engage with the material earlier on in the assessment process, rather than waiting until all assessments have been completed. Internal moderators can select their moderation approach to suit their preference and the nature of the qualification. The Assessment Manager accommodates all templates and forms that moderators require and store them on the system. Moderators using the Assessment Manager report that they are saving 20% of total moderation time because of the well organised structure of the tool and its functionality.

All portfolios are stored in the cloud for five years and may be accessed by the learner or the training provider on demand.

The Assessment Manager will track, manage and store all compliance documentation required by the SETAs and QCTO.